Frequently Asked Questions

Why Charter? If you want to take a 2 hour flight it should take 2 hours.  Normally you have to check-in 2 hours before departure and wait for your bags at the other end.  We will pre clear you and take no longer than 10 minutes at each end. We will also fly you where you want to be not 45 minutes down the road.
Can you get me a flight through London City Airport? Yes we have extensive knowledge of the operators who can operate their steep approach procedures.
Do I have to pay taxes or fuel surcharges? No, quoted prices are inclusive for the operation of the aircraft.
Do I have a baggage allowance? This is heavily dependant on the amount you wish to carry and the aircraft you wish to charter. Please make detailed enquiries if you wish to carry any large items or excess amounts.
Do I have to pay up front for the trip or will you invoice me? Yes the standard practice is to pay in advance as we have to pay the carrier on your behalf, however special terms can be negotiated for block time upfront financing. Please email for details.
Any more questions? Contact us, we will answer them in a timely fashion.